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Ropecon ♥ volunteer heroes

Join us in the making of the largest non-commercial role-playing convention in Europe! Ropecon is organized entirely by volunteers: “by the gamers, for the gamers”. Whether you are a more battle-hardened volunteering champion or just starting out on your journey as a volunteer hero, you are sure to find a quest to your liking at Ropecon.

More information on volunteering options and how to sign up can be found below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Volunteer & staff coordinator 2018
Tero Suoniemi

Volunteer positions

ticket sales, selling and checking wristband tickets
cloakroom, storing clothing, luggage and other items
information desk, guiding and helping convention attendees
international meeting point, guiding and helping international visitors
visitor services, supervising the accommodation area, children’s playroom and dressing rooms
product sales and flea market, selling products at the Ropecon Shop and the flea market
staff lounge, supervising and maintaining the staff lounge
game desks, supervising convention games and their sign-ups
runners, on-demand practical support for program organizers
Experience Point, introducing new game experiences to visitors
logistics, delivering and carrying stuff
technical production, IT and tech support of the convention
security steward, ensuring the safety and smooth operation of the convention. A valid security steward license is required to volunteer for this position.

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Volunteer perks

As a volunteer hero, you will get a free three-day ticket for volunteering a total of 10 hours during the convention weekend (two 4 hour shifts and 2 hours as on-call backup staff). You will also have access to the staff lounge which serves hot and cold beverages and snacks during the convention.

Additionally, all volunteer heroes have a chance to order a Ropecon 2018 staff T-shirt and are invited to the staff afterparty.

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Ahoy! Helou! Morjens! Ave! Scorchio!

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