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Dialogue about the current state and the future of games

What is the interaction between roleplaying games and other games like? How do games shape our everyday lives? What happens when different game cultures collide? How does popular culture show in games?

Intersection in Games, the inaugural academic seminar hosted by Ropecon, searches for answers to these questions and more. Questions that examine how different traditions, genres, conventions and norms intersect in the varied field of today’s games. The seminar is organized together with the University of Tampere Game Research Lab and it is chaired by Professor J. Tuomas Harviainen. The program will be primarily in English.

The academic track starts on the morning of Friday July 27, before the rest of the convention, which opens its doors at 3 pm.


To attend the academic track, you must pre-purchase a ticket before July 12th (see instructional image). These tickets will become available on Week 9. If you already have a regular pre-purchased ticket and would like to attend the academic program, email ohjelma@ropecon.fi and we will sort it out.

If you are purchasing a ticket from outside Finland and cannot pre-purchase in Euros, please email academic.program@ropecon.fi.

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Announcement of speakers at the Ropecon 2018 Academic Seminar: “Intersection in Games”.
The seminar registration starts at 9.30 am, and the doors will close around 4.30 pm.
The exact schedule will be updated later.

Keynote: professor J. Tuomas Harviainen

Session 1: Play and Learning (90 min)

Perani, Bettocchi & Klimick: ”Transmedia games as tools and subject for learning processes”

Prykäri & Sinisalo: ”What happened to Puro Bergström? – Using Game-Based Learning in Information Literacy at Lahti Academic Library”

Savoranta: ”Training simulations as production of expert communality in Finnish civilian crisis management”

Session 2: Play, Cultures and Experiences (120 min)

Yingrong: ”(Un)conditional Love: The Culture of the Bossy President in Love and Producer”

Nikula: ”Building a society on play and games in Zoku culture”

Kankainen & Sihvonen: ”Player Experiences on Using Electronic and Digital Elements in Board Games”

Joelsson, Syrjälä & Kylkilahti: ”Food in Immersive Analog Games”

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