Games and tournaments

Tabletop role-playing games

Tabletop role-playing games have always been the heart and soul of Ropecon. There are tabletop RPGs being played at nearly every hour of the day throughout the convention weekend, lead by dozens of Game Masters (or GMs). In tabletop role-playing games the story progresses through spoken narration. The GM develops the plot and describes the world in which the player characters reside. Players can influence the way the story unfolds through their characters, by describing what their characters does or says or how they react in a given situation.

Among many others, Ropecon will feature tabletop RPGs in classic settings, such as Dungeons & Dragons and World of Darkness. There will also be a variety of interesting independent games and new releases from smaller publishers to choose from.

Experience Point and the scenario contest

There are also many beginner-friendly games being played at Ropecon for those attendees who are only just now taking their first steps into the world of tabletop role-playing games. For example, entries to the scenario contest and many other tabletop RPGs played at the Experience Point require no previous experience or knowledge about tabletop role-playing games or how to play them.


In live action role-playing games (or LARPs) players get immersed in their characters by dressing up in costumes and by physically acting out and behaving like their character. There is no way to guess how exactly the story will progress in a LARP. Players will familiarise themselves with the character description, list of their social contacts and other information about the game world given to them by the Game Master prior to the game. During the game each player will try to represent their character as best as they can, acting and reacting to events as they believe their character would do.

No special costumes or props are required at the miniature LARPs organized at Ropecon. In addition to these shorter convention LARPs, Ropecon also features a variety of lectures, panel discussions and workshops about live action role-playing games and other related topics.

Board games

There are over 600 different board games available for play at Ropecon – free of charge! The selection includes both beloved classics as well as acclaimed new releases. You can lend out a game from the board game library for a collateral and look for people to play with. Spoiled for choice and don’t know what to play? The experienced staff at the board game library will gladly help you find a suitable game.

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Card games

Hundreds of rounds of different card games are being played at Ropecon every year. The most popular ones are collectable card games, in which players constructs a deck according to the rules of the game and uses it to play against other players. Ropecon also features many other card games which use a common deck used by all players. Most card game tournaments require a personal deck to participate.

There are many classic card game tournaments held in Ropecon every year, such as tournaments for Magic: The Gathering and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. Other popular card game tournaments include Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Star Wars, Android: Netrunner, Game of Thrones, The Great Dalmuti and Munchkin.

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Miniature wargaming

Miniature wargames are strategy games which are played on a table and use miniature figures as game pieces to represent characters in the game. Constructing and painting your own miniature figures, modeled terrain and other scenario items is an integral part of the hobby. Popular miniature wargames include Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40K, Horde, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Ropecon also features historical strategy games.

Miniature figure painting competition

Every year the traditional miniature figure painting competition of Ropecon rewards the most talented miniature figure artists in the scene. Read more about the competition and bring your best pieces to be evaluated!

More detailed information about games and tournaments can be found in the online program guide of Ropecon.