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This is the online program guide for Ropecon 2018. It is based upon Konopas (in Finnish) and should work with most browsers and mobile devices.

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Ropecon 2018 is held in Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre. The convention weekend features a diverse programme both in the Siipi Conference Centre as well as in Halls 1, 2 and 3. You can take a look at venue beforehand via virtual tour of Messukeskus.

Con-magazine (in Finnish)

There are paper copies available at infodesk. You can also view Con-magazine online here.

Survival guide

A short survival guide in English is available online here.

Getting to Ropecon

Ropecon 2018 | 27th – 29th July 2018 | Messukeskus Helsinki
Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki

Messukeskus parking hall: Ratapihantie 17
Siipi parking area: Ratamestarinkatu 13

Messukeskus resides in Pasila region of Helsinki. Pasila train station is 300 meters from the convention centre and there are plenty of other public transportation options.

We have two entraces, southern entrance mainly for people coming with public transportation and northern entrance located next to parking hall.

Public transportation

For comparing prices of trains and buses we recommend using the Matkakeisari service.

Journey Planner
Timetables for local buses
Timetables for local trains

Navigating around the construction site at Pasila

There are some changes to pedestrian routes and available services both in and around Pasila railway station due to the on-going construction of the new Tripla Center. In order to avoid the construction site and reach Messukeskus faster, we recommend using the underpasses found at the north end of the platforms. There are also plenty of signs at the station to help visitors navigate the area.

The most up-to-date information on traffic arrangements and routes can be found on HRT website under Pasila: Information on services available at the Pasila railway station during the construction work can be found on the station’s website:


The Messuparkki parking hall is located near the Northern Entrance of Messukeskus and is open 24h throughout the convention weekend. Address for GPS: Ratapihantie 17.

The Siipi Conference Center parking area located at the end of Ratamestarinkatu is also in use during the convention. Address for GPS: Ratamestarinkatu 13.

Parking permit for the convention weekend:
24 € / parking for the whole convention weekend (Fri - Sun)
As you drive into the parking hall, take a parking slip at the gate as usual and park your car. You can purchase the weekend parking permit at Ropecon’s ticket sales booths. Available payment methods include cash and the most common credit/debit cards.

Other parking fees:
12 € / single-entry parking for 24 h
Pay the parking fee at the machine as usual. Available payment methods include cash and the most common debit/credit cards.

Charging stations for Tesla electric cars (20A 13.8 kW) are located on floor P2 of the Messuparkki parking hall. Normal parking fees apply.

Please remember that sleeping inside vehicles, including camper vans and camping trailers, is not allowed in any of the Messukeskus parking areas.

Storage and lost & found

Cloakroom located at the Southern Entrance is open throughout the convention for storing clothing and small items. Mattresses, sleeping bags, luggage and other large items can be stored at Large Item Storage located near the western end of Glass Gallery. For any lost items, please visit the Information Desk during the convention or send your inquiry via email ( after the convention.


or us at Ropecon, it is important that everyone interested in role-playing games and gaming as a hobby are able to enjoy the convention. Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre provides an accessible venue for attendees with physical disabilities and mobility impairments.

Automatic doors can be found both on the Southern and the Northern Entrance. A wheelchair accessible elevator provides access to program on all three floors of Siipi. There are accessible toilets available within the venue. All restaurants and cafes at Messukeskus that are open during the convention are wheelchair accessible.

An induction loop is available upon request for all rooms with lectures and panel discussions. Please inform the Information Desk about this at least 30 minutes before the program starts so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Naturally, personal assistants can enter the convention free of charge. While pets are not allowed at the convention, guide dogs and assistance dogs who are on duty are more than welcome at Ropecon.

Accessible parking

Any parking space at Messukeskus can be used free of charge when in possession of an accessible parking permit. There are 20 marked accessible parking spaces on the ground floor (P1) of the Messuparkki parking hall near the Northern Entrance. When exiting, please show the accessible parking permit to the camera at the gate.

Accessible parking spaces are also available at the Siipi parking area, but we cannot fully recommend using them since there is a rather steep climb along the route to the Southern Entrance.

Food, drink & accommodation

Restaurants and cafes at Messukeskus offer relief for all kinds of hunger levels.

Balcony18-03 (*)18-03 (*)-
Cafe 3 (hall 3)17-2313-2311-15
Eat & Meet15-2112-2112-16
Helsinki Cafe15-219:30-189:30-17
Cafe Olohuone15-2115-2111-16
Porridge breakfast at Olohuone-8-118-11

(*) Balcony's kitchen is open only until 1am

Nearby services:
Map of restaurants and services near the venue »»

Nearby restaurants:

Nearby grocery stores:

Water stations

There are three water stations at the venue. First one is located in Hall 3 in the vicinity of Cafe 3, the second one is located in the Lower Gallery opposite restaurant Wok’n’Curry near door 3.1, and the third one in the Upper Gallery near the staircase and doors to Hall 5. Please note, that there are no drinking cups available at the water stations.


A 24h sleeping bag accommodation area is available for all attendees of Ropecon free of charge throughout the convention. With a weekend ticket you can enter and exit the accommodation area whenever you want between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. A one-day ticket grants you one night at the sleeping bag accommodation area.

Accommodation area is located in Hall 2 of Messukeskus. The entrance to the accommodation area is located at the western end of Glass Gallery, next to the Southern Entrance. To access the area, walk past Large Item Storage, enter through the doors and down the stairs.

on arrival, a sleeping space will be appointed to from the hall by our staff. Since no sleeping equipment is provided by the convention, bringing along a mattress, a pillow and a warm blanket or a sleeping bag is recommended to make sleeping on a cool concrete floor more comfortable. Please remember that the accommodation area is only meant for sleeping, not for storage. You must clear out your sleeping space of all items when you leave the accommodation area. Mattresses and other sleeping equipment can be stored at the Large Item Storage, which is also located at the western end of Glass Gallery.

Accommodation area will open on Friday at 9 pm, and everyone must vacate the area by 3 pm on Sunday the latest. Staff members will be present at all times to provide assistance and supervise the accommodation area.

Accommodation on a one-day ticket

For those with one-day tickets, please note that access to the venue and accommodation area ends at 9am on the day after purchasing the ticket. You can update your ticket to a weekend ticket for 12 € at any time.

Ropecon for children

Ropecon is an excellent convention for families and attendees of all ages. There are plenty of games suitable for beginners, children and families at the convention, especially at Experience Point. There is always something exciting happening on the program stage at Glass Gallery, in the exhibition area as well as the foam and steel weapon area of Hall 3. Our staff at the Gaming Desk and Experience Point and the staff at the Vendor Hall will gladly give you more information on child-friendly games.

Childcare facilities

Baby changing room is located in Hall 3 near Cafe 3. Baby changing stations can be found on the accessible toilets on 1st and 2nd floor of Siipi, as well as in toilets near the Northern Entrance. Baby pots are available in both of the accessible toilets in Siipi.

Play corner

Play corner is located along the Glass Gallery, near the midpoint of hallway. Play corner is a place where children can play, eat and relax under their parents’ supervision. Play corner’s facilities include a water station, a microwave, a small fridge and a toilet with a baby changing station. Although a staff member will be present, please remember that play corner is not a childcare service: parents are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times.

Opening hours: Fri 16–22 / Sat 10–22 / Sun 10–16


The venue is accessible for strollers and using them indoors is allowed. Elevators can be used to access different floors. Please note, that hallways and rooms may at times get crowded, making it more difficult to move around with a stroller. Stroller parking is available free of charge at the Glass Gallery, located near the end of the Large Item Storage counter.

Child-friendly program

Almost all program featured at Ropecon is child-friendly. However, there are some programs that are not suitable for children of 15 years or under, or are prohibited from people under the age of 18. Possible age restrictions can be found in program descriptions in the online program guide.

For more information on games and other program recommended especially for children, visit our online program guide and click the tag “Child-friendly”. You can bookmark interesting programs by clicking the star icon and view all your favourites as a scheduled list in the “My convention” section.

Vendor Hall

Hall 1

Vendor Hall is located in Hall 1 of Messukeskus. It offers an abundant selection of role-playing games, art, handcrafted items and other gaming related merchandise. Ropecon’s traditional flea market can also be found within the Vendor Hall. Come and find great deals and handcrafted treasures that you won’t find anywhere else!

Vendor Hall opening hours: Fri 3pm – 9pm, Sat 10am– 6pm & Sun 10am – 3pm

Lower Gallery

You can find more vendors in lower gallery. Some vendors are open throughout the event. Food court is also located in Lower Gallery.

Hall 3

Various gaming related associations showcase their activities near the Vendor Hall in Hall 3. Interested in starting a new hobby or joining an association? Representatives at the association tables will gladly tell you more about their activities, events and the practicalities of their hobbies. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

Safety and security

Info 24 h throughout the convention

+358 45 136 2946

Harassment contact persons:
+358 44 781 5518 (Mari, female)
+358 44 781 5519 (Eino, male)

First aid station

First aid station is located near the Northern Entrance of Messukeskus. The nearest pharmacy is Pasilan Apteekki (Ratapihantie 9), which is open only on weekdays and Saturday. However, Yliopiston Apteekki (Mannerheimintie 96) is open 24h every day. Emergency number is 112. Please read more about the safety and security information here.

Emergency preparedness

Code of conduct

In order to create a safe and successful convention for all attendees, there are certain rules and safety regulations which must be followed at Ropecon. Trained and licensed security stewards approved by the Finnish police will be ensuring safety and security at the convention. Instructions given by the security stewards and the organisers must be followed at all times.

The code of conduct can be simplified into a few key points:

Inaprropriate behaviour

rganisers of Ropecon want to ensure a safer space and thus a more enjoyable convention experience for all attendees. Any kind of harassment is not allowed at Ropecon, so please remember to treat everyone with respect during the entire convention weekend. Read more about the anti-harassment policy of Ropecon.

f any of the other attendees, security stewards or organisers tells you that your behaviour or actions are inappropriate and asks you to stop, you must listen to them and stop immediately.

If you have any questions about the anti-harassment policy of Ropecon, please feel free to contact our harassment contact persons Mari (+358 44 781 5518) or Eino (+358 44 781 5519).

Prop policy

Weapon and gun replicas are only allowed at Ropecon when they are a part of organised program, e.g. during battle demonstrations.

If a weapon or gun replica or some other large contraption is an essential part of your costume, it must remain attached to the costume at all times during the convention. Swinging around anything longer than your arm is not allowed at the convention.

In addition, please note that all swords, knives or any similar costume weapons must not contain any sharp edges. Likewise, all gun replicas must be clearly marked (see the instructions below). All airsoft weapons must have their magazines and gas chambers emptied and disarmed at all times. Pointing a weapon - marked or not - at other people is not allowed.

Foam weapon fighting and other similar activities have their own dedicated areas and time slots within the program. Please refrain from swinging around foam weapons elsewhere within the convention area.

How to mark gun replicas

All gun replicas must be clearly marked as follows:

If you have any questions or need further instructions on how to mark gun replicas, please consult the nearest security steward or the Information Desk. There will be red tape available for marking gun replicas at the Information Desk.

You can mark your gun replicas at home before arriving at the venue. Security stewards have the right to check gun replicas during the convention.

If you see someone within the convention area with a gun replica that has not been marked appropriately, contact the nearest security steward as soon as possible so that we can check it.

Alcohol, smoking and illegal substances

Please note that the use of alcohol or any illegal substances is strictly prohibited at Ropecon.

Both the possession and use of alcohol is prohibited within the convention area. Intoxicated attendees are not welcome at Ropecon and will be escorted out of the convention area. Any prohibited substances or items will be confiscated if necessary, and Finnish police will always be notified if any illegal substances are found.

Since restaurant Terra Nova is under construction this year, there will be a temporary Fazer restaurant outside in the Northern courtyard that will be serving alcoholic beverages to customers who are 18 years and older in accordance to their licenses and the Finnish law. However, please remember that returning to the convention area while intoxicated is not allowed.

Smoking, electronic cigarettes included, is only permitted outside within the dedicated smoking areas.

Passages and open spaces

All passages, hallways and open spaces must be kept unobstructed at all times.

Sitting in staircases is not allowed, and neither is setting up a picnic or a camp in the middle of a lobby or a hallway.

Please remember that sleeping at the venue is only allowed within the designated accommodation area in Hall 2.

Spontaneous program

Organizing spontaneous program during the convention is allowed, provided that it does not cause any inconvenience or disturbance to other attendees or to the scheduled program of Ropecon, e.g. by obstructing passages or by making loud noises near rooms with ongoing program.

Since there are no additional fees for attending program at Ropecon, charging a fee for spontaneous programs held within the convention area is not allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: Fire eating or breathing and other similar performances may require special permits or insurances, and as such cannot be organized without consulting the organizers of Ropecon in advance. Security stewards have the right to stop any activities or program they deem too risky at any time.

Costume etiquette

When choosing what to wear to the convention, it is advised to keep in mind that Ropecon is a family friendly event, so a certain amount of clothing is required.

Feel free to dress up in a costume if you want. However, please note that some programs may have age limits that require attendees to be able to show their faces in order to check their ID before entering.

Bouncy castle

There is a bouncy castle within the convention area with the following safety rules in place:

Other noteworthy rules

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at Ropecon. Please do not leave your pets waiting outside or inside a vehicle in the immediate vicinity of the venue either, even if your pet is used to this. Naturally, guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome to the convention area.

Attaching advertisements, posters, signs or your friends to the walls or other surfaces of the venue with tape or by any other means is strictly prohibited.

Commercial activity within the convention area is limited. Please contact the organizers for further information if necessary.

Help keep the convention area nice and clean for everyone by disposing of your trash where it belongs: in the trash bin.

The venue (Messukeskus) is located in the Helsinki city centre - please be mindful of residents in the area, even when outside of the actual convention area.

Let’s make Ropecon a safe experience for everyone

The organizers of Ropecon want to ensure that the convention is a safe space and pleasant experience for everyone. Any kind of bullying or harassment are not allowed at Ropecon. Please be considerate of others and treat people with respect throughout the convention weekend. You can read more about the anti-harassment policy of Ropecon.

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