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Ropecon ♥ program organizers

All programs at Ropecon are organized by volunteers. Ropecon welcomes programs in various genres and categories, from game sessions and demonstrations to workshops, lectures, presentations, panel discussions, competitions and shows.

This year’s theme is life and community: feel free to be inspired by it when creating your program. We are also looking to include even more programs held in English.

Program sign-up is open until April 8th.

Benefits for program organizers

By volunteering as a program organizer you will receive either a one-day ticket or a weekend ticket to the event, depending on the length of your program. As a rule of thumb, a short program item (45 minute presentation) yields a free day ticket, and a long program item (105 minute presentation) yields a free weekend ticket, or two day tickets if there is more than one program organizer. A workshop held twice during the convention yields a free weekend ticket. You will also have access to the staff lounge during the convention.

Other benefits include:

⊕ Opportunity to order the staff T-shirt
⊕ Access to sleeping bag accommodation at the convention area
⊕ Access to the staff after party
⊕ You can also get a certificate for your work as a volunteer after the convention if you wish so

Program categories and how to sign-up

Program sign-up is open until April 8th.
Want to be a Game Master? More information and how to sign-up »

If you have any questions about volunteering as a program organizer, please do not hesitate to contact the conittee member responsible for that program category, or to contact our program coordinators directly via email.

Lectures, panel discussions and workshops

We are seeking interesting and immersive talks, workshops and other similar programs for Ropecon 2018. Content inspired by this year’s theme, life and community, is particularly appreciated. We are also looking to expand our array of English language programs in a variety of topics. Please let us know if you are able to run your program item in both Finnish and English.

Examples of suitable programs in this category include presentations, lectures, talks, panel discussions and workshops. Programs can be beginner friendly or intended to a more experienced audience.

In addition to this year’s theme, we are also looking for programs focused on the more creative aspects of role-playing games as a hobby, e.g. visual arts, crafts, cosplay and photography. We also wish to include more presentations and workshops on the topic of board games, collectible card games and miniature war games.

We are also looking for more program items suitable for families, children and youths.

The duration of lectures, panel discussions, workshops and other similar programs is typically either 45 or 105 minutes. Workshops – whether they are discussion based, crafts themed or other – should be arranged twice during the convention weekend if possible.

This year Ropecon has an Academic track as well, see the Academic program page.

Lectures, panel discussions, workshops and other similar programs will be held partly in the same facilities as during last year’s convention. At least the rooms 201, 204–207 and as a new addition room 103 will be reserved for this program category, with some possible additional locations coming later. You can check out the facilities before the convention by taking a virtual tour of the venue online.

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For more information
Satu Kylmämetsä & Johanna Kari | ohjelma@ropecon.fi

Experience Point

At the Experience Point our visitors can try out new games with the help of a volunteer guide. We are seeking volunteer guides for more established games (such as Settlers of Catan, Magic: the Gathering, Warhammer, Go) as well as for some newer or lesser known games.

As a demonstration guide, you get to introduce and play your favourite games with new players. We also welcome game designers to introduce their new games – both finished versions as well as those that are still in development – to the audience. Board games, strategy games, card games, miniature wargames, tabletop role-playing games alike are all welcome at the Experience Point. Duration of each game demonstration must be short, preferably less than one hour. A helper earns a weekend ticket with eight hours of games and a day ticket with four hours.

Please note that the Experience Point is only meant for demonstrating games, not selling them. For those wishing to also sell their games or other products at the convention, please contact our Vendor Hall coordinator for booth reservations and further information.

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For more information
Mikko Hyvönen | kokemuspiste@ropecon.fi

Live-action role-playing games (larps)

Come and offer Ropecon’s visitors an unforgettable larp experience. You can run a larp you wrote just for the event or adjust an existing work to fit the con. We would prefer if a larp accepted around 6-10 players and the characters were playable by any and every player regardless of their personal attributes (such as sex, age, or skills). You may also volunteer to run a larger larp, but we hope all characters are offer something meaningful to the player. Every larp GM running a larp of their own writing for four hours receives free entry to Ropecon for the full weekend.

Don’t have a larp to run? No worries! We would gladly see more prewritten larps brought before Finnish larpers, and you may sign up as a freeform GM with the same signup form. We wish that a GM running a prewritten game about four hours in length would do so twice, earning a weekend ticket to Ropecon.

Notice: If you already have an idea for a lecture, panel discussion or workshop about larps in mind, please contact ohjelma@ropecon.fi.

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For more information
Tuomas Puikkonen & Pauliina Männistö | larpit@ropecon.fi

Collectible card games

Ropecon seeks people to run card game tournaments and other card game program. We are also seeking volunteers for the card game desk to handle registration for tournaments and to make sure that other card game related programs progress on schedule. No prior experience or expertise is required to work at the card game desk or to hold a tournament, as we will provide you with all the advice, information and support you need both from the previous, more experienced tournament organizers.

Notice: If you already have an idea for a lecture, panel discussion or workshop about card games in mind, please contact ohjelma@ropecon.fi.

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For more information
Nea Similä | korttipelit@ropecon.fi

Strategy and board games

Do you have an idea about board games brewing in your mind? Do tell! Ropecon’s board game program explores the topic through workshops, talks about strange themes as well as oddball tournament formats. If you still hesitate, the board game area head will gladly answer your questions at lautapelit@ropecon.fi.

We are also looking for volunteers interested in working at the popular Board Game Library counter, where visitors can lend games to play with their friends during the convention. Volunteers will be in charge of lending the games and keeping the library and games in order. You can sign up for the board game desk through the staff volunteer form, which opens in April.

Notice: If you already have an idea for a lecture, panel discussion or workshop about board games in mind, please contact ohjelma@ropecon.fi.

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For more information
Tuomas Riekkinen | lautapelit@ropecon.fi

Miniature wargames

Is the paintbrush your weapon of choice? Do you roll dice like a demigod? Can you craft gorgeous palaces out of foam board? Would you like to share some of your special knowledge and wisdom to our visitors?

Ropecon is looking for people interested in organizing and participating in a variety of programs about miniature wargames, including speakers for lectures and panel discussions, instructors for workshops, and game organizers for various different game modes. All program ideas – whether they are already well-defined and ready to go or just an inkling of something great in the making – are welcome, so please do not hesitate to contact us at figupelit@ropecon.fi.

Notice: If you already have an idea for a lecture, panel discussion or workshop about miniature wargames in mind, please contact ohjelma@ropecon.fi.

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For more information

Other program

We are always looking for new and interesting program ideas on the topic of role-playing games and related themes, such as battle demonstrations, performances and shows. If you have a creative new idea for a program in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us!

For more information
Vera Schneider & Jukka Seppänen | ohjelma@ropecon.fi