Ropecon CrossGames

Dialogue on the recent developments and the future of game industry

How does designing a traditional role-playing game intersect with designing a digital role-playing game? What could the developers of different games learn from each other?

CrossGames program track explores the common grounds and shared issues of different types of games, game development and game industry in general. Target audience for the lectures and panels in CrossGames include professionals in gaming or game industry, gamers and hobbyists, but everyone is welcome to join in the dialogue!

Passion for game design

CrossGames program 2017 topics:
Entrepreneurship in the game industry, games as a visual media, and the diversity of game design.

♦ Game design as a team sport, a panel discussion moderated by Markus Montola (Reforged Studios) (FI)
♦ Designing a game outside of the sandbox, Miska Fredman (Ironspine / Colossal Order) (FI)
♦ Pedagogy in game design, Mikael Uusi-Mäkelä (TeacherGaming / 5MoreMinutes) (EN)
♦ History of the game industry, Juho Kuorikoski (non-fiction author) (FI)
♦ Switch & Glitch – how the visual style of one mobile game came to be, Johanna Kantanen (TeacherGaming / 5MoreMinutes) (FI)
♦ Project Scoundrel – How to bring a tabletop role-playing game into the digital realm, Arto Koistinen (RandomPotion) (FI)
♦ The Writer Explained, Mikko Rautalahti (Remedy) (EN)
♦ When Sh*t Hits The Fan, Ida-Emilia Kaukonen (NitroGames) (FI)
♦ Agile project management methodologies, Janne Koponen (EN)

 Topics of the year 2018 and more information coming soon!

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